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Jordan Aviation is committed to going green with its services, reducing the emissions in its operations, and positively affecting the environmental pollution curve abiding by the local and international laws and regulations, and even going the extra mile regarding our concern and commitment to the environment.

The challenges facing the environment are diverse and different,  there is a global interest powered by governments, international organizations, and even from the representative of the aviation sector and we are proud to be part of these important efforts and initiatives.

Jordan Aviation is committed to environment enhancement through our operations and communicating the interest with our staff, and sharing with our stakeholders the growing consciousness about the environment.

Jordan Aviation is an active member of the Queen Alia Environment committee and actively participating in the activities regarding the preservation of the environment and all activities that contribute to the reduction of pollution as well as maintaining a healthy environment and atmosphere.

Our environmental commitment is envisioned through the following aspects:


Rules and Regulations


Jordan Aviation fully complies with (regulatory requirements that are mandated) by the aviation sector regulators that include Ministry of Environment, Queen Alia International Airport International Group “AIG” and Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC), on the international level the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), IATA, ACCO in addition to others. We are in the process of further developing our internal plan and policies relating to the environment. 


Jordan Aviation is in full compliance with the noise abatement procedures as per the local and international regulations, which are insured by the Company Manuals and (Standard Operating Procedures “SOPs”). The adherence to the before-mentioned regulations is being continuously monitored by Jordan Aviation Safety Department through Flight Data Monitoring, Line Observations, and Safety Audits and Reviews. Adding that our hands-on and continuous maintenance of our aircraft by our sister company JAV Technic in addition to the specifications and technology of our fleet is a key factor and major cause that resulted in reducing the noise level of the aerospace engines of our crafts meeting the noise level requirements for our served destinations.