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About JAV
Jordan Aviation JAV is proud to be the first privately owned airline in Jordan. It was first launched in 1998 by Captain Mohammad Khashman who served in the Royal Jordanian Air Force for 16 years.

After extensive aviation experience, JAV  commenced its flying operations in October 2000.

JAV offers short and long – haul flights with warm-hearted hospitality, and an unforgettable experience.


We are also aware of the Covid-19 pandemic and taking strict procedures against it. At our Aircraft, cabins are always sanitized, and facemasks are mandatory to wear. Jordan Aviation is recognized for its national & international certifications awarded by professional associations including; the International Airport Transport Association (IATA), Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (JCARC), and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Jordan Aviation Airlines serve a commercial fleet that operates in the Middle East, Turkey, and southern Asia. It is also an aircraft vendor for International non-governmental organizations NGOs.

According to the IATA analysis conducted for the Airport International Group AIG, we were one of the top airlines responsible for the growth in passenger volumes in the period 2015-2019.

We are geared up to grow rapidly, in line with the economic advancement of our beloved country, and in that endeavor, we shall participate in the development of our nation. Jordan Aviation upholds the utmost security, service, and convenience to its passengers and seeks to leave a memorable journey wherever they go.



Leadership Team

Captain Mohammad Khashman


With more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, serving in the Royal Jordanian Air Force, Capt. Mohammad established his own aviation company to be the first privately owned Jordanian airline operating in Jordan & the Middle East.

Capt. Zuhair Khashman

Deputy Chairman & CEO

With more than 15 years of experience in airlines & aviation assets management, Capt. Zuhair has contributed tremendously to the development of Jordan Aviation and its subsidiaries. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology IT, and he is a private licensed pilot (PLP) graduate from Mideast Aviation Academy.

Mr.Bassam Mohsen

General Manager

Mr. Bassam holds more than 20 years of intensive experience in the aviation sector, besides being a certified accountant he holds several international certifications in the domain of aviation, the experience of Mr. Bassam has been always proven through the Journey of Jordan Aviation.

Chairman Message
The aviation industry has always been a great passion to me. It was a dream a desire, lifestyle, and much more. I was always convinced and confident that one day I will start my journey and I will establish my own aviation company, and after twenty years, the dream turned into reality. No matter what was achieved our dream remains big and gets bigger at Jordan aviation; the company, the dream, and the family.

Jordan Aviation today is a well-established company that owns a diverse airline fleet that connects (12) cities together equipped with the best monitoring programs and the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy with automated flight information, reporting system, supported by a well-trained and dedicated team at the technical, administrative, and planning level.

As the traveling population of the Middle East continues to increase, Jordan Aviation is investing in its infrastructure to meet the region’s future growth, and develop a competent workforce and thus improving the facilities to serve the growing demand. We will also continue expanding the operations, entering new markets so that it can serve and connect more cities, people, and cultures across the region and the world. We are here to grant our passengers the best standards of safety and convenience. We are here to stay, compete, and excel. We are here for the distant future, and we strive to comply with high international guidelines that benefit our society and the world around us. Jordan Aviation will always be beyond expectations.

We are here to grant our passengers the best standards of safety and convenience, we are here to stay, compete, and excel we are here for the distant future, and we strive to comply with high international guidelines that benefit our society and the world around us.

Jordan Aviation will always be beyond expectations.

Capt. Mohammad Khashman
Chairman of JAV

Subsidiaries of Jordan Aviation

In 2010 we started JAV Technic our largest aircraft maintenance center at Queen Alia International Airport.


In 2005 we established Arabia for Professional Skills & Development (APSD) to qualify professional technical capacity within the aviation sector, including pilots, engineers, and ground handling specialists.


In 2007, we expanded to open our new airline fleet in Cairo, Egypt (Alexandria Airlines) .


Last but not least, we started Joury invest for the sake of utilizing investment opportunities in Jordan and the region.


In the same year, we founded SunDays, a travel & tourism company.


In 2013 we established A One TV, a pioneering Jordanian satellite channel that presents a variety of programs, series & films.



And based on the growing demand for the aircraft leasing business, in 2011, we started Arabia for Air Transport and Passengers services (AATPS).

Staff and Technical Capacity

We have firm belief that the human being is the primary mover in the development process. Our staff has expanded lately to include 1,000 employees to provide and ensure the continuous delivery of our service in the best manner.

To maintain and enhance the capacity of our staff, Jordan Aviation adopted CPAT GLOBAL, an "Online platform that offers courses in the domain of aviation ". The platform offers a suite of interactive online training and instructional courses for our AIRBUS and BOEING Fleets. In addition to aircraft-specific training, there are General Subjects and Pilot Specialty Courses such as Wind Shear, Carriage of Dangerous Goods & Cockpit Resource Management.

Certifications & International Endorsement

Jordan Aviation is recognized for its national & international certifications awarded by professional associations including; the International Airport Transport Association IATA, Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission JCARC, and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency EASA.

We received Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) from the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (JCARC), which grants us aircraft usage for commercial purposes. We are also accredited by the International Air Transport Association IATA (Operational Safety Audit IOSA program). This program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess aircraft operational management and control systems. We also hold the Extended-Range Twin Engine Operations ETOPS certificate.

We are an authorized entity that holds Third Country Operator (TCO) approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency EASA to perform commercial air transport operations in the European Union EU. (March 2016). Jordan Aviation is a registered Foreign Air Operator that is certified to operate air transport services to Canada and Saudi Arabia.

As proof of our excellence, Jordan Aviation is a class A accredited carrier to UN-related agencies, including the World Food Program WFP, Peace Keepers UN, and the International Organization of Migration IOM.

Environmental Management

Jordan Aviation is committed to going green with its services, reducing the emissions in its operations, and positively affecting the environmental pollution curve abiding by the local and international laws and regulations, and even going the extra mile regarding our concern and commitment to the environment.

The challenges facing the environment are diverse and different,  there is a global interest powered by governments, international organizations, and even from the representative of the aviation sector and we are proud to be part of these important efforts and initiatives.

Jordan Aviation is committed to environment enhancement through our operations and communicating the interest with our staff, and sharing with our stakeholders the growing consciousness about the environment.

Jordan Aviation is an active member of the Queen Alia Environment committee and actively participating in the activities regarding the preservation of the environment and all activities that contribute to the reduction of pollution as well as maintaining a healthy environment and atmosphere.

Our environmental commitment is envisioned through the following aspects:


Rules and Regulations


Jordan Aviation fully complies with (regulatory requirements that are mandated) by the aviation sector regulators that include Ministry of Environment, Queen Alia International Airport International Group “AIG” and Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC), on the international level the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), IATA, ACCO in addition to others. We are in the process of further developing our internal plan and policies relating to the environment. 


Jordan Aviation is in full compliance with the noise abatement procedures as per the local and international regulations, which are insured by the Company Manuals and (Standard Operating Procedures “SOPs”). The adherence to the before-mentioned regulations is being continuously monitored by Jordan Aviation Safety Department through Flight Data Monitoring, Line Observations, and Safety Audits and Reviews. Adding that our hands-on and continuous maintenance of our aircraft by our sister company JAV Technic in addition to the specifications and technology of our fleet is a key factor and major cause that resulted in reducing the noise level of the aerospace engines of our crafts meeting the noise level requirements for our served destinations. 

Reasons to Fly with Jordan Aviation

Since we have started our operations, we were keen to achieve significant milestones in a short time; in terms of the infrastructure, the quality, and the soundness of our services. We are committed to positively impacting the local aviation industry, sharing with our clients the world from the sky, and making this experience auspicious.


We are pleased to endorse our guests with national and international aircraft certifications to offer the best flight value. In addition, we have been awarded a number of certifications of appreciation relating to our operational services.


Core Values, Vision & Mission


To be a leading low-cost carrier in Jordan & the Middle East that offers unrivaled service to our customers.


Jordan Aviation aims to provide the passengers with world-class service in the air at our hub, Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) in Amman, Jordan. We seek to create an enjoyable journey with our latest environmentally friendly fleet, welcome professionally-trained and committed staff to deliver an enjoyable experience rather than a service.

Core Values


Integrity managing all business relationships in an honest, transparent, and ethical manner. Concerns, questions and complaints will be taken seriously &handled promptly, confidentially , and professionally.
Commitment we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of service and safety while maintaining affordable prices to our customers, fulfilling their needs in a fast-paced.
Respect Jordan Aviation is committed to fair, equitable treatment to all employees & customers.
Accountability passengers trust us with their lives. As a result, we take full responsibility for technical safety services. We take pride in everything we do.
Excellence We strive for excellence by embracing change and keeping up with the latest international standards. We always go the extra mile and work beyond expectations to win customers' loyalty.
Innovation we are committed to adopting the technological means that would increase our operational efficiency, and enhance the quality of the services provided.