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JAV Technic

In 2010, we started JAV Technic our largest aircraft maintenance center at Queen Alia International Airport. It was launched in 2010 in response to the ongoing demand for Aircraft repair and maintenance, and was certified by the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC) in Jordan. JAV Technic is not only responsible for the maintenance of our aircraft, but al ..

In 2005, we established Arabia for Professional Skills & Development (APSD) to qualify professional technical capacity within the aviation sector, including pilots, engineers, and ground handling specialists. Since its inception, (APSD) has trained 100’s of pilots and aviation related personnel as per the course listed of the next page. The outlook for (APSD) i ..
Alexandria Aviation

Alexandria Aviation Private Shareholding Company . Alexandria Airlines is a pioneer aviation company located in Cairo, Egypt. It is the only privately owned commercial airline holding an Egyptian Air Operating Certificate (AOC). The company was established in 2006 and commenced its operations in March 2007. It operates scheduled and worldwide charter service ..
Joury invest

Last but not least, we started Joury invest for the sake of utilizing investment opportunities in Jordan and the region.  Our vision has led to the establishment of Joury Invest with a mandate to translate our group experience into investment opportunities in Jordan and the region, focusing on the logistics, transport industry mainly aviation, and infrastructure pr ..

SunDays Travel and Tourism is considered one of the most prestigious companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the tourism and travel industry, with experience that extends to more than 16 years. SunDays Travel and Tourism was established in 2005, as a sister company of Jordan Aviation and an authorized agent for the sale of tourist trips inside and outside ..

A one TV is a Jordanian TV station that was established in 2013 and has more than 50 staff members, to join Jordan Aviation group.

It presents a modern collection of TV. shows including political, comedy, entertainment, social and religious.