ALSAHWAwas established in 2009 with our professional, long experienced team with big number of resources, and aviation oriented airline team; we have the ability to manage and support those airlines which need a strong management to run their business with the highest standards of professionalism. and we can establish new airlines from A to Z and make the proper maintenance for already existed Airlines, and to manage aircraft leasing contract include delivery and re delivery aircraft..
ALSAHWA can offer a business plan for airlines and MRO’s and can sale and purchase airport components and engines. In other words; we can put our many years’ experience into your airline in order to get the maximum benefit and growth you have dreamed of.

Capt.Mohammed Al-Khashman
JAV CHairman
Mob.: +962 777 060 000

Capt.Zuhair Al-Khashman
Chief Executive office
Mob.: +962 777 060 002




Mr. Bassam Mohsen
Chief finance and Admin Officer
Mob.: +962 777 060 004


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