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Checked baggage

The passenger is entitled for one piece of luggage not to exceed 23KGs maximum dimension 23X41X51 CM.

Cabin baggage

Carry-on baggage must be stowed in the aircraft cabin which limits baggage to a size, weight and shape to fit under a passenger seat or in a storage compartment.

Cabin baggage should have maximum length of 22 in (56 cm), width of 18 in (45 cm) and depth of 10 in (25 cm). These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.

Carry-on items must remain with the passenger at all times and are the responsibility of the passenger. And not to exceed 7KG.

How much does your suitcase weigh?

In order to avoid trouble at the airport terminal, make sure that your suitcase doesn't weigh more than 23 kilos (50lbs), or you will be asked to either repack and transfer some of your belongings into another bag or to pay an excess. Bags over 32 kilos (70lbs) cannot be accepted for carriage as they are too heavy for the baggage handlers to lift.

Please note that the maximum weight limit relates only to single items and does not affect the baggage allowance or excess baggage charges, which is set by the airlines.

Dangerous goods and baggage

Some governments have directed that for safety reasons, all knives, sharp objects or cutting implements of any kind and of any length, whether of metal or other material, and some sporting goods must be packed in checked baggage. They cannot be carried in the cabin baggage nor on your person.

These items include (but are not limited to) knives (including household cutlery) and knife-like objects, box cutters, corkscrews, straight razors, metal nail files, scissors of any kind and of any length, dangerous goods (hazardous materials (unless approved)), tradesmen's tools, hypodermic needles (unless required for medical reasons), knitting needles, other sharp pointed/penetrating objects and sporting goods such as bats, bows and arrows, cues, darts, golf clubs and sling shots (catapults), martial arts devices, real/toy/replica weapons (whether plastic or metal). These articles are likely to be removed and not returned.

If you require the use of medical syringes in fligh, such as for insulin, you need documented proof of the medical need and ensure that the material is professionally packed and labelled. If it is not, the medication is likely to be removed.

Some items cannot be carried in checked baggage – for instance gas canisters, lighters, fireworks. If you are concerned that something you wish to pack may not be allowed then check with your airline. Items that are considered to be too dangerous for checked baggage will be removed and probably not returned to you.

Check with your travel agent or directly with the airline concerned.

Refund & cancelation

Tickets are nonrefundable, cancelation of tickets are not permitted, once ticket issued, JAV does not refund



While Jordan Aviation will try to carry you and your baggage in accordance with the date and time of the flights specified, it does not guarantee it will be able to do so. Schedules may change without prior notice for a range of reasons including but not limited to bad weather, air traffic control delays, strikes, technical disruptions and late inbound aircraft. To the extent permitted by law, JAV excludes liability for any costs, expenses, losses or damages incurred by the passenger as a result of failure to meet a schedule. Travel insurance is recommended. Jordan Aviation is in compliance with Montreal convention resolution of 1999..


Tickets are Non-refundable Non-endorsable Non-redoubtable.


Passengers are kindly requested to reconfirm their bookings 72hrs prior to departure time/date of their flight at every point of travel. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of their reservation.

Reservation change penalty

An amount of Penalty is due when passenger changes his schedule travel time/date well in advance. This condition is valid within the validity of the ticket and the availability of the class rate.

Re issue of the ticket may be subject to extra payment of the difference of fare valid at the new date of travel

Unaccompanied minors

If a child 2-11 years of age is travelling without the supervision of a parent or guardian who is 15 years or older, they are classified as an unaccompanied minor and must be accompanied by JAV hired escort..

Infants & children

An infant (under 2 years) must travel with a passenger 15 years of age or over and only one infant per passenger is permitted. The age of an infant or child will be considered as the age at the date of commencement of travel.

Check-in times

Check-in will open 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Check-in counters will close 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. You will not be able to check in after this time. Arrival after this time will result in you forfeiting the entire fare paid.

Baggage allowance

Each passenger (except infants) may carry up to 30kgs of Checked baggage and 7kgs of Cabin Baggage free of charge. Charter flight allows free baggage allowance of 23kgs plus 7kg cabin bag. Baggage in excess of the allowance will be accepted at a per kilo rate and, due to operational requirements, at times may not be carried on the same flight as the passenger. Excess baggage is carried only to the airport specified on the Airlines JAV baggage tag and the passenger is responsible for collection of excess baggage and/or any other related delivery expenses. Checked Baggage Dimension: Maximum single item baggage weight should not exceed 32kgs. The linear dimensions (ie. length plus width plus height) of any baggage must not exceed 158cm (62in). Baggage exceeding the size or weight limit may not be accepted. Cabin Baggage 7Kgs: Maximum dimensions of (23 x 41 x 51cm) and sum of the three dimensions should not exceed (45 inches) (115 cm). These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc. and items exceeding these dimensions may not be accepted as cabin baggage.

Conditions of carriage

Details above show selected items from the Conditions of Carriage. Click on the link to view Baggage policy & Conditions of Contract .

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