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Cabin baggage

Cabin baggage is baggage that is carried and stowed in the cabin under the passengers control and custody. It is commonly referred to as carry-on baggage or unchecked baggage Jordan Aviation shall establish a control over carry-on baggage in order to facilitate passenger flow through security checkpoints, to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers in flight, and facilitate on–time departures.

One piece of Carry-on baggage is allowed in the cabin; it shall be of a size, weight and shape to fit under a passenger seat or in an enclosed storage compartment;

Maximum dimensions of (9X16X20in) or (23X41X51cm) however, the sum of the three dimensions shall not exceed (45 inches) (115 cm).

Maximum weight shall not exceed 7 KGs.

These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc. Any item exceeding these dimensions may not be accepted as carry-on baggage.

Cabin Baggage includes:
  1. Cabin baggage carried within Jordan Aviation free carry-on baggage allowance.
  2. Free carry-on items permitted by Jordan Aviation in addition to the standard (e.g. Umbrella or walking stick, laptop, infant carrying basket).
  3. Special items permitted by Jordan Aviation that may require prior arrangement, notification and/or specialized screening requirements or additional charges (e.g. urns containing human remains, pets in cabin).
  4. Items of dangerous goods permitted in passenger baggage that required prior approval by Jordan Aviation as per IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Checked baggage

Passengers are entitled to a pre-determined checked baggage allowance, which can vary based on the fare paid, passenger category, routing, group status or class.

Checked baggage is carried in the hold of the aircraft on which the passenger is travelling.

Jordan Aviation may refuse to carry checked baggage, which is inadequately packed or unsuitable for air carriage due to its weight, size or nature.

Every piece of baggage must display the passenger's name.

Certain items, because of their weight, size or nature, are only accepted with consent of Jordan Aviation.

Baggage Allowance Rules:

Jordan Aviation checked luggage policy is based on the piece concept on all JAV destinations:

Fare A: Regular Flights

Jordan Aviation's checked baggage allowance vary from 20 Kgs to 30 Kgs depending on booking and the destination. Furthermore, any additional extra weight will be charged according to JAV policy.


Fare B: Charter Flights

Two pieces, the weight of each is up to 23Kg. The sum of the 3 dimensions of one piece must not exceed 158 cm/ 62 inches. Charges will be in accordance with JAV policy.


Special Fare C, D, E….etc.

Required Jordan Aviation approval as per commercial policy. 


Children fare:

The same baggage allowance as passengers paying full adult fare.


Infant Fare:

One piece with a maximum weight of 07 kg, the sum of the 3 dimensions must not exceed 115 cm/45 inches, and a carry-on fully-collapsible child stroller/push-chair, or infant carrying basket or infant car seat, which may be carried in the passenger cabin subject to the availability of space.


Excess baggage

Excess checked baggage fees per kilogram or piece or special items are generally applied at the time of checked baggage acceptance.
Baggage carried in excess of the free baggage allowance is charged according to the destination.
The Excess Baggage Charge per kilogram is decided and distributed by the Commercial Department.

Special baggage

Bulky Bags

Baggage is bulky/ oversized as defined by the operator policy and/or its weight exceeds 32KG / 70 lbs. JAV will determine a maximum single item weight for checked baggage taking into account:

Any local legislation or health and safety requirements.

Any other applicable limits for transfer baggage.

Note: Specific rules may apply for AVIH, WCH, musical instruments and large sports equipment.

No single piece of checked baggage is accepted over 32 kg. If a single item exceeds 32 kgs, advice the passenger to repack into more pieces, each weighing less than 32 kg or to send it as cargo.



Cabin seat baggage

Cabin Seat baggage is baggage not usually suitable for loading in the aircraft hold. Such baggage may include:

  • Musical Instruments.
  • Works art.
  • Electronic equipment.
  • Diplomatic baggage.
  • Valuable baggage.

Jordan Aviation policy will dictate the acceptance of cabin seat baggage. If not accepted, it can travel as hold checked baggage providing packaging is appropriate.

Pooling of baggage

Where two or more passengers, travelling as one party to a common destination or point of stopover by the same flight, whether or not in the same class, present themselves and their baggage for travel at the same time and place, they will be permitted a total free baggage allowance equal to the combination of their individual free baggage allowances.

To comply with passenger and baggage reconciliation requirements, each passenger of a non-family group should be given their own individual baggage claim checks. Therefore, individuals are not allowed for baggage pooling except for family members travelling together & groups providing that each passenger is given his baggage claim check tag.

Handling of pets

Charges for the carriage of Checked (AVI) or accompanied pets shall be governed by the following rules:

  1. The animal and container shall NOT be allowed in the free checked baggage allowance of the passenger.
  2. The normal excess baggage charges for the weight of the pet and cage (kennel).
  3. JAV may accept for transportation in the cabin or cargo hold without charge, approval from commercial department must be obtained.
  4. A trained dog to lead the blind, when it accompanies a passenger with impaired vision dependent upon such dog.
  5. A trained dog to assist the deaf, when it accompanies a passenger with impaired hearing dependent upon such dog; provided that such passenger's impaired hearing shall be evidenced by a medical certificate.

The dog when properly harnessed may be permitted to accompany such passenger into the cabin but shall not be permitted to occupy a seat.

Missing or lost baggage

Shall fill the property irregularity report.
If the bag is, still not Passenger must report missing or lost baggage before leaving the airport.
JAV representative found after a period of 5 working days, the baggage should be treated as lost and the passenger is advised to fill up a Baggage Claim Form.
The bag must be labeled with the name of passenger.
Bags labeled with limited release labels will not be legible for any compensation.
Statement and compensation shall be done as per JAV policy.

Damaged baggage

Minor Damage


JAV unable to accept liability for damage to baggage due to wear and tear, which includes the following:

  1. Minor cuts, scratches, scuffs, dents, dirt and stains.
  2. Damage to wheels, feet or extending handles .
  3. Damage to fragile or perishable items.
  4. Damage due to over-packed baggage.
  5. Loss of external locks, pull straps, security straps or zipper tabs.
  6. Baggage accepted under the conditions of the Limited Release Tag (LRT).
  7. Items confiscated by airport authorities or security.


Major Damage


A Damaged Baggage Report is filled when a passenger claims that his registered baggage is damaged or pilfered.

In case of damaged baggage, the compensation may either be repair or replacement. The compensation would depend on the extent of the damage and cost involved.

Passengers should be requested to provide proof of costs for the baggage. If they are unable to do so, Jordan Aviation will not be liable for.





Passengers should not include the following items in their checked baggage:

  • Fragile and perishable items.
  • Valuables .
  • Computers and personal electronic devices.
  • Stored data.
  • Camera.
  • Any medication or medical equipment.
  • Valuable documents such as business documents, passports, certificates, identification documents, negotiable papers etc.